(Rumbrook Immortal x Meziadian Royal Teala)

     The ultimate Morgan sport horse.
    Foaled 1998 - 16.2H - Stallion has it all!
      Magnificent presence, size, color, and athletic ability.
      A true gentleman and he passes it on to his get.


 STUD FEE: $1000

Rosevale Leggo's dressage championships include:

2006 USEF Regional Horse of the Year Award

2006 Vt. Spring Classic 1st Level Champion

2006 NY Morgan Res Champ 2nd level Champion

2007 Vt. Spring Classic 2nd level Champion

2007 NE Morgan  Champion 2nd Level

2009 NE Morgan Res. Champion 3rd Level

2007 USEF Regional Horse of the Year Award

2007 Reserve Champion USDF/GAIG Championship-New England Breeders' Final

2008 NE Morgan Res. Champion 2nd Level

2008 NE Morgan Champion 2nd Level

2008 USEF Regional Horse of the Year Award

2008 USEF National Horse of the Year Award






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