We are proud to share these testimonials that come to us in the form of letters and emails from

individuals who have purchased a horse from us and/or take riding and driving lessons from Bill.



Sharon Newkirk (July 4, 2015)


Mason AKA Little Snot comes home tomorrow. I can't thank Bill Broe enough for all he has done for me and my horse.

I am a much better driver and my horse has come a long way. I would not be where I am without the Broe family.

Thanks to all of  you. I will miss my Sat. training sessions.



Sharon Newkirk (June 28, 2014)


My new horse, Ledyard Master Mason, a 2 year old Morgan gelding, is in the hands of Bill Broe.

I have no doubt that Bill will bring out all the potential that Mason has.



Christina's Aslops writes her story......


I came to Bill with sheets of dressage tests that commented on the inappropriate use of my 'busy hands'.

I don't think I started out driving that way, but somewhere along my journey to improve, I picked up some

pretty bad habits instead!

Bill told me he thought he could help. (Of course I thought we were going to work on the horse so  that I wouldn't have to do so much with my hands.....little did I know that I was going to be the subject of contention.)

Over a period of 2 1/2 years under Bill's coaching I have gradually learned to use my body in a different way,

and not just while driving. (For particulars, read his article published in the Whip.) For years I had been

compensating for various injuries (none horse related) of my back, ankle and finally a broken leg, and many

an argument we had about how to maintain the positions he was asking of me:


1) body position : weight in abdomen and balls of my feet >versus< balancing on the reins

2) Enabling me to learn to give w/my shoulders and elbows with a steadier hand >versus< my unawareness

of waving of hands from side to side, pulling too hard on my pony's mouth, or no contact at all.


Of course things got worse before they got better and I became so discouraged, that I finally did what he told

me to do!  I went to the gym.  "Use the rowing machine," he said, to get the feel of your shoulders. Build up your

abdomen so you can hold yourself up in the seat without leaning on your horse. You're making her brace against

you."  You have to understand that I'm probably in better shape than most people my age, but apparently not in

the important places!


Then, in the middle of all of this, I was hit by a car on my bicycle and laid up with a broken leg. But you know,

that person did me a favor, because I had to eventually go back to the gym after the physical therapy and work

my leg (and my old ankle injury), and then I worked my arms, and then my abdomen and then my back and so on.

And guess what? Now I don't have to protect those parts of me any more and I'm finding myself driving with Bill's

words in my head and finally understanding what he's talking about. And my pony? She just gets more and more

relaxed and flexible.


Thank you Bill Broe!



Ann Pierce states....


Three years ago this spring I showed up at Broe Farm ready to show what a terrific driver I was, 15 minutes later in tears,

I found out how much I didn't know.


The years fly by, and the journey guided by Bill Broe has been the best fun learning experience ever. I call it the

World of Driving according to Broe. I have never had an instructor try so hard to teach. When a student (me) doesn't

get it, he tries another, and another, and another until you understand.


Bill does not give up on horse or rider. Bill's passion is dressage, and he takes you along for the ride

You won't just be a better rider or driver, you'll be more knowledgeable about the whole process.



Judith Shaw writes....


I started  driving with Bill Broe 4 years ago, after a frightening riding accident left me afraid to work my horses on my own.


My Morgan Gelding UVM Grayson has been in Bill's  barn ever since.  He is a terrific teacher.  I actually thought I was a

competent driver when I started with him, but Bill proceeded to deconstruct my technique and rebuild it.  His training is

traditional ridden dressage, which works well with driving.


During the 4 years I trained with Bill, 4 days a week, 50 weeks a year, I learned an incredible amount about driving, about

my horse, and about the value of persistence. 


Bill used his knowledge of biomechanics to remodel my horse’s musculature. After the first year, people didn't even

recognize him.  And he went from being a runaway train at the trot to a horse who could be safely competed in

a French link snaffle.


My passion has been Combined Driving,  even though I always get lost in the hazards.  Grayson learned to power along

between the hazards and slow down while I bumbled my way through.  He never got snippy about it or took advantage.

We did exceptionally well at training level, but once in preliminary the hazards were my downfall. His obstacle runs were

always carful and controlled, and his dressage is beautiful to watch.


Grayson is a very kind and talented horse who would go far with the right driver.  He wasn't always so good.

Bill deserves all of the credit for G's transformation.


Anyone who really wants to learn to drive-not just how to steer the horse around-could profit from training with Bill.

He is the best trainer I ever worked with. 



From Teresa Frank ......


During April, 2011, I began looking for a new horse. I wanted a sizable Morgan sporthorse. That's a tall order.

I'm a dressage rider so I was looking for sporthorse movement and many Morgans are too small for my liking.

But I love the breed, so I set out to find the horse to meet my requirements. I had heard a lot about Rosevale Leggo

and saw that a couple of his offspring were for sale in beautiful Columbia County, NY.


Leggo's Great Expectation (aka Dickens) was the horse for me. Bill Broe was both helpful and forthright as I made

this important decision.


Over the last six months Dickens and I have been trail riding and taking dressage lessons every week. Dickens is steady

and trustworthy and he gets more handsome each day!  I look forward to what the next 20 years will bring.



I had had a bad accident and sought the advice of Bill Broe to get me back on the horse. Bill's philosophy and goals

are to get the horse and rider in harmony and synch. Sounds simple and straight forward - but I assure you it does

take some hard work.  After a few months it became clear that I needed a "good" horse and asked Bill for his help.

He had been following the career of a certain horse and when I asked him he just knew this would be a good match.

He brought the horse - a 5 year old Andalusian mare named Gizelda to his barn and we rode and drove and discussed

and she is indeed The Dream I need.


Thank you Mr. Bill.

Lindsay Shea



Karen Everett writes....


I had all but given up on finding my "perfect fit" horse for pleasure & driving. That is until I met the Broes & "Abbey".

It was January and bitter cold, but Bill & Nancy welcomed me at their farm in Ancramdale, N.Y. Bill showed me Abbey,

a big, black Morgan mare. I rode her & drove her not only on that day, but went back on several days to be sure.

I was greeted with warmth, patience and knowledge. Bill went so far as to invite me to ride with him in a sleigh rally

(Abbey took the Championship for singles!). Not only has Abbey become a member of my family, but I feel that

I have become a member of the Horse Drawn Affair family. I can't say enough about the experience I have, and would recommend Bill Broe to anyone looking for lessons - riding and driving, or for their "perfect fit" equine.



Juliet R. Harrison wrote....


Just over 10½ years ago, after a lifetime of dreaming, at the age of 43 - I bought my first horse, Tony. After 9 months

of looking, bringing home at least 6 horses that where neither Sane, Safe or Sound, I was told that Bill Broe had a

youngish Belgian/Quarter Horse for sale that might fit the bill. Tony was everything I was looking for. Strong, solid,

affordable and broke to ride and drive. The horse that one friend calls "a little boy in horse clothing" has been a part of

my life ever since.

My sincerest thanks go to Bill for helping me to find the horse that became my friend.



















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