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A Family Owned and Operated Business


In 1986 Bill and Nancy established A Horse Drawn Affair, a commercial carriage company located in Stanfordville.  Their clientele grew quickly and their request were quite diverse.  This included brides who sought the formal elegance of horse and carriage on their wedding day, young couples wanting the romantic touch of arriving at

the prom in a horse drawn carriage, and families wanting to share the delight of a sleigh ride with their children

and grandchildren.  Perhaps the most unique and moving requests came from those wishing to provide a stately

last ride for a loved one.


With horses they owned and had personally trained, Bill and Nancy went to great detail to appropriately meet

the diverse requests they received.  Using mainly Morgan and a few crosses for the majority of these events,

they worked mostly with pairs, with an occasional single and Troika.


In 1999 Bill and Nancy purchased a 36 acre farm in Ancramdale.  Once established on their farm, they phased out

the commercial carriage business and established A Horse Drawn Affair~Broe Farm.  Their daughter Daniele Fiore,

an accomplished equestrian in her own right, joined them in the operation of their family owned and operated business and the focused turned to breeding, training and showing their own horses, including Bill's Morgan stallion, Rosevale Leggo (Rumbrook Immortal Image X Meziadan Royal Teala).


Raising and training horses for a variety of disciplines and uses, Broe Farm's horses have excelled in Dressage, Driving, Hunters, and Field Hunters.  A number of their horses have also appeared in movies and TV commercials.


Many of Broe Farm's clients ride and drive for pleasure and competition and wish to learn the many techniques

that will allow them to ride and drive in both an enjoyable and a safe manner.  Broe Farm's mission is to provide

their skill and understanding of the horse to all levels of the Equestrian enthusiast. 




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