Bill and Rosevale Leggo


Bill began eventing and later changed to a classical dressage format. He has schooled with a number of ridden

dressage professionals from Europe, South America, and the U.S., including Roel Theunissen, Olav Drehn,

Hartwig Burfeind, Tina Konyot and Katja Eilers. He has also schooled with James Fairclough and Heiki Bean.


In 2007 Bill drove a 3yr old Morgan stallion, sired by his stallion, Rosevale Leggo, to a 2007 USEF Regional 4th place

Horse of the year award in carriage driving. He has driven his stallion Rosevale Leggo and several other of Leggo's

get to numerous other driving championships.


Bill combines his technical understanding of the horse and how it is influenced by a rider to the art of driving, and

promotes his style of driving with a BALANCED SEAT.


In November 2010, Bill submitted a letter on the subject of Bending and Balance to the editor of the Whip, the

official publication of the American Driving Society . His letter brought the following response.


The Whip

February 2011

When the light bulb comes "ON"!

To the Editor:

I am writing to thank Bill Broe for his crystal clear, straightforward discussion on Bending and Balance (printed in the

Letters section of the November Whip). As a novice driver, I have found that my heavily right-sided riding form has

translated into my driving as well. While I am conscious of this flaw, 35 years of muscle memory isn't easy to fix. If

you are having trouble with proper bending and/or incorrect half halts, and if your horse drops his shoulder on the turns,

I encourage you to re-read Bill's article line by line. The word "lineal" is key in this essay, and may help you to

demystify "lateral" and "vertical."


Bettina Scherer

Wellington, Florida

(Bettina is the event organizer of the

Florida Whips/Port Mayaca HDT.)  


Bill's students and their horses have made quantum leaps forward, winning championships in Pleasure and Combined Driving, and consistently they place in the top scores of dressage.



Leggo's Who's Your Daddy & Bill


Kay Konove

Driving her Norwegian Fjord, Sonya


Karen Everett & Rosefield Abigail


Ron Konove

Driving his Norwegian Fjords Sonya and Wisteria at 2011 Orleton Farm Pleasure Show

Stockbridge, Mass


The following is an excerpt from Kay Konove's narrative, highlighting the Konove's weekend at the Orleton Farm

Pleasure Driving Show in June of 2011.  The article, in its entirety, can be read at


To show or not to show....that is definitely the question for NFHA members Ron and Kay Konove as they discuss the possibility of

driving their Fjords at the Orleton Farm Pleasure Driving Show in June. Because the site of the show is just two miles from their

house in Stockbridge, Mass., it seems like an easy decision. However, Ron wants to drive the pair of mares, Sonya and Wisteria,

while Kay wants to go single with Sonya. The challenge of logistics is finally accepted, and the preparations begin.

The first issue is how to get two horses and two vehicles to the show. Sonya and Wisteria are in training with Bill Broe in Ancramdale,

New York, using the Eagle carriage. Kay drives to Bill's farm several times a week to work with Sonya, bringing her Running Brook Road

Cart. Ron stops at Bill's on his way to Stockbridge from White Plains, New York for a lesson with the pair each Friday, then reverses

the process on his way back to White Plains on Mondays (are you beginning to get the picture?)



Bill Broe driving Ron Konove's pair

2011 Orleton Farm Pleasure Show


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