In pursuit of his main goal, that being to ensure safe and an enjoyable rides or drives for both rider/driver and their horse,

whether in competition or for pleasure, Bill has written a number of articles that provide the reader with details of the

effective techniques he has developed.


Below are Bill's articles that were published in The Whip, along with readers' comments.


Click on images below to open and download articles.


Bill's article, "Cross-Training The Dressage Horse", was published in the July 2012 Morgan Dressage

Association Newsletter. In this article Bill explains the numerous benefits derived by both horse

and driver/rider when cross-training, the combining of driving, dressage and jumping, is implemented.



In his article "Stretching Before and After Exercise" Bill presents the importance of stretching and strengthening exercises for your horse both before and after an outing, a practice that will prevent undue stress on your horse's ligaments and tendons and considerably decrease the chance for injury.  Noni VanSon, a certified Sports Massage Therapist, joined Bill in creating six easy exercises you can do with your horse and photos of her demonstrating

these exercises accompany the article.    


This article, accepted for publication in the February 2012 edition of The Whip, can be read in its entirety by clicking

on the image of the magazine shown below.




In Bill's article "Accepting the Bit", he emphasizes the importance of your horse first learning to accept the bit in its mouth, provides a step by step process that will enable your horse to not only accept the presence of the bit in its mouth, but actually come to interpret it as "a friend", and explains the positive affect this will provide in the next

steps of training your horse.


This article, accepted for publication in the November 2011 edition of The Whip, can be read in its entirety by clicking on the image of the magazine shown below.




 In The Wheelhorse, December 2011 edition, Hardy Zantke comments on Bill's latest article:


"I loved the article on Accepting The Bit by Bill Broe—excellent advice on how to train

the young horse and how to take your time with it. Bill wrote about how extended ground

driving is good for your own health."





In his article, 'Driving With A Balanced Seat' Bill explains, in detail, the direct correlation between the driver's

correct seating posture and the fluid motion between horse and driver that this will achieve.


This article was accepted for publication in the August 2011 edition of The Whip and can be read in its entirety

by clicking on the image of the The Whip displayed below.



The following is an email received by Bill shortly after this article appeared in the whip:


I want to thank you for writing the article that was printed in The Whip, so easy to understand.  I was having some problems that I had no idea how to fix. The article

was very helpful. I have shared it with some friends and they really appreciate it too.

Barbara Boynton

Danby, Vermont























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