Leggo's Dani Boy

Breed: Morgan (black-grey)


Height:  14-3 HH
Foaled: 5/01/16
Rosevale Leggo x Aikane's Precious & Few

Now 2 years old, Dani Boy has been handled everyday since birth. Stands on ...cross ties, good for Ferrier.

Leads from the tractor. Ready for work to start with him in the spring.

He has big motor and as you see in the deep snow.


For more information Email Bill at ahorse@taconic.net or pm on Facebook.

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Leggo's Sweet Lily aka Lilly

Breed: Morgan (Mare)

Height:  14-3 HH
Foaled: 5/26/08
Rosevale Leggo x V.V.B African Queen

Rides, drives and goes in a pair. Lily is used for lessons in driving and riding, crosses water and trailers easily.

Price $9500

Watch Lily in Training

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             Breed: Morgan (Mare)

              Height:  14-3 HH

Foaled:  5/16/07

             Currently Training to drive and ride.







Click to Watch Video of Tinsel in Training


Additional video of horses and equipment for sale by Bill Broe can be viewed at 1952leggo.  



Asking Price - $1500


Title: Horse and Buggy, Winter, Lancaster, Pa.

Artist: George Tice (American, born 1938)
Date: 1961
Medium: Unique Vintage Silver Gelatin Print
Dimensions: 4 x 6.25 inches mounted to 11" x 14"
Signature: Signed in Pencil (lower right recto)


George Tice is one of the best known fine-art photographers in the nation and has authored 18 books. He has

been making photographs for over 50 years. His prints are in many museums including the Museum of Modern

Art, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Metropolitan Museum, where he had a one-man show in 1972.


Mr. Tice was born in 1938 in New Jersey where he still lives. His first museum sale was to the Museum of

Modern Art in 1959. He has received fellowships from both the Guggenheim Foundation and the National

Endowment for the Arts.  His photographs have been shown all over the world.



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