Rosevale Leggo

Ridden by Bill Broe

Rosevale Leggo

Ridden by Dee Loveless


Training horses at Broe Farm is a labor of love. It is very gratifying to watch a horse come along and learn to

relax and respond to its aids. Our ultimate goal is to make this process enjoyable for the horse so that its owner

can have an enjoyable ride. Whether in competition or pleasure, it is paramount to us each event be safe, enjoyable,

and responsive for the horse and rider.


Bill has been training horses to ride and drive for 30 years. He has schooled with many professionals from Europe

and the U.S., studying both the art of ridden dressage and the mechanics of the horse. Bill has developed a style of

driving style that introduces the balanced seat of the dressage rider to the carriage driver in the form of driving with

a 'BALANCED SEAT'.  The 'BALANCED SEAT' is as important in driving as it is in riding for pleasure or competition.


Daniele Fiore has been training horses for many years.  She has a diverse background covering Equitation, Hunters,

Jumpers, Dressage, and Driving. Bill and Daniele both have expertise in starting young horses under saddle and in



Implementing their vast knowledge and experience, Bill and Daniele have had a great deal of success in assisting

their clients and their clients' horses in preparing for riding and driving for competition or pleasure.  


V V B African Queen and daughter Leggo's Sweet Lily

Driven by Bill Broe

Rosevale Leggo

Reserve Champion 3rd Level

Ridden by Dee Loveless



Teaching Ridden and Driven Dressage and Combined and Pleasure Driving with horse of all kinds, we use the Centered Riding theory to help develop a balanced seat, giving confidence to rider or driver and horse.


We chronicle the training of each horse so you can watch them develop.  Additional video of horses in

training with Bill Broe and standing at stud, Rosevale Leggo, a 16-2h Morgan stallion, can be viewed at 1952leggo





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